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About Us

TreeTech is an ICT company with multi-disciplinary skills. Provides innovative value to customers' business with products selected by major players together with integration services.

The technical staff is composed of professionals who offer consulting support of the highest standards to ensure competence in more complex and complicated task.

Innovation, Technology and Processes are the ingredients to create value through their integration in Solutions Security Management and Enterprise Application.

Improving the usability of its business through best practices established by the evaluation at any time of the impact of change management and business process innovation introduced by the technological solutions proposed.

Appropriate technologies to meet the various needs of customers. Wireless Devices, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Collaboration, are just some of the new technologies that Treetech is able to provide its customers ensuring Flexibility and Modularity.

Oriented approach to redesign business processes to ensure that the right information meets the suitable person in the appropriate time and in the correct mode, ensuring efficiency results in productivity and agility of the business.


TreeTech SRL
Strada Dunării,110A
400055 Cluj-Napoca, jud.CLUJ(RO)
Mobile:+40 7225414870
E-mail info: info[at]treetech.ro
E-mail sales: sales[at]treetech.ro
Skype: info.treetech