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Mago.net is the ERP solution that improves the efficiency and accuracy of business processes, maintaining the flexibility needed to facilitate the work of every day.

It effectively, manages all the activities of small and medium enterprises in the commercial, industrial or service sectors. In particular, manages the flow of areas: administration and accounting , active and passive cycle , warehouse , logistics, manufacturing and planning.

Sectors Markets

  • • Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
  • • Business Services Accommodation and Catering
  • • Manufacturing Activities
  • • Commerce and Maintenance
  • • Construction
  • • Mining and quarrying
  • • Water Supply , Waste Management
  • • Supply of Electricity , Gas, Aircon
  • • Rental , Travel Agencies , Business Services
  • • Health and Social Care
  • • Transportation and Warehousing

Hedging Business

  • • Accounting and Finance
  • • Business Intelligence
  • • CRM Marketing & Sales ( SFA)
  • • CRM Services and Maintenance
  • • Distribution of Drugs
  • • Document
  • • e-Commerce
  • • Management contracts
  • • Quality Management
  • • Logistics and Warehouse
  • • Estimating
  • • Production
  • • Cash Points
  • • Sizes and Colors

Mago.net Lite Progessional Edition, is the system management for small businesses operating in the following sectors: services, trading , logistics and distribution.
The complete management of the administrative, sales cycle , purchasing cycle , warehouse and logistics permits the rational organization of the business. A flexible solution adaptable to changing needs.

Mago.net Progessional Edition, is the software management for the enterprise , commercial and small-medium manufacturing industry to manage smoothly the complexity of its business , adapting over time the configuration according to their evolution and growth. Internal management of the administrative cycles , active, passive , logistics . Production management and related phases..

Mago.net Standard Edition, is designed for small businesses looking for an easy management solution with rich functionality and an interesting quality / price ratio. Modular and scalable , it integrates into your business to give you new business opportunities.

Mago.net Standard Edition, is software management for medium-sized manufacturing companies, an ERP that tracks the complete strategic company framework : advanced production management, the administrative, management control and logistics.
Advanced management of administrative cycles, active, passive, logistics and production. Advanced production management and related phases. Management of sub-contractors.

Integrated Functionality

Tools to customize any functional aspect. From the simple creation of "favorites menu" containing the features you use every day, to customizing forms of insert / edit data.
Ready to support the growth of your business: you can turn on new features only when your business really needs.
Available vertical solutions to Mago.net to better manage any type of business from small clothing store, to contractor, service company to the farm.

Speak the language chosen by the user. You can choose to have everything in English or Italian, Romanian or in any of 12 languages. Every single business user can choose the language they prefer.
SaaS technology based on Web Services allows you to easily interface the management with external applications to exchange data and apply the data management logic to Mago.net external. All without sacrificing security.
Levels profiling of access to data for individual users or business roles. There are predefined profiling for corporate role that allow you to enable security on the data in a few moments.


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