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The Technology Platforms SCADA / HMI INTELLIGENCE AND PLANT are the result of in-depth studies and extensive experience Progea, which contribute to a dramatic reduction in development time and the availability of all the tools and features in the same environment, together with the maximum integration and the transparency of information. Progea software outweigh any other product for ease of use and intuitive, thanks to the Editor "Intelligent" and integrated tools for self-configuration and import tags.
They represent the best solutions for visualization, control and planning applicable in any field of automation and based on Windows 8 or 7 ™, Windows ™ CE and Web-based solutions.

Movicon Solution

Movicon is a suite of products SCADA / HMI entirely based on open technologies and standards.
movicon in its two versions enables the development of applications in an extremely flexible and ensures the development of any solution, with complete hardware independence both for display and for the control.

Movicon™11 is a complete and mature platform SCADA / HMI based on XML with more than 80,000 installed applications, which allows the required reliability even in the harshest applications "mission-criticals", from small to large HMI SCADA server architectures.

Movicon™.NExT™ is the next generation solution for SCADA / HMI completely based on new graphics technology WPF / XAML and adopting the information model of OPC UA.

Open solution, scalable and powerful, able to meet the needs of HMI solutions for operator panels. PowerHMI Movicon versions have an optional integrated Web Client functionality to access the Operator Panel via the web using standard Internet browsers. You can also access the HMI system from tablets or smartphones (iPad / iPhone, Android, etc.).

MES solution simple and cost effective to manage the flow of information coming from the production line, aggregate and dispose them in a clear and simple way, bridging the gap that exists between the plant floor and the management and business planning. Acquire production data in real time and monitor key performance indicators (KPI, OEE) improve productivity, reduce losses and increase profits.

is a software architecture designed to form the basis of modern automation systems. It ' an open platform and scalable . NET-based on the most modern technologies and software , and based on modular concepts with technology "plug in " to make the industrial software architecture more open and scalable , integrating functional modules to manage effectively all the needs of business.
Automation Platform.NExT ™ was created to overcome the limitations of traditional technologies Scada / HMI solutions by offering next-generation software , based natively on most modern technological solutions , creating the basis for a long-term investment , uncompromising , able to provide openness and integration hitherto unimaginable in automation. The Information Model of NExT Platform ™ is based on innovative technology OPC UA .
Automation Platform.NExT ™ is a platform that makes the concept of web-based access to the system a benchmark unmatched.


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