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SpagoBI SpagoBI is the only suite for Business Intelligence entirely open complete and flexible.
Thanks to its wide range of analytical tools and intuitive graphical interface, SpagoBI supports the decision-making processes of their daily business and strategic operations, both at management level and operational level. Meets the full range of analytical needs and add themes and innovative solutions such as the Location Intelligence, the free inquiry, collaboration KPI management, interactive dashboards, the Real-time BI, Mobile BI and Big Data. It offers different solutions for each analytical area, allowing you to compose business intelligence solution that best suits your needs. Thanks to its modular approach and the adoption of open standards, enables the development of business intelligence solutions flexible and easy to use, integrating with the security systems and the existing portals.

SpagoBI is released in a single stable version and completely open source, which eliminates the acquiring licenses coasts, creating a clear separation between the right to use the software and sell support services, eliminating both the software lock-in both the vendor lock-in. This also facilitates its adoption in vertical analytical, created in order to implement the potential of the suite to respond to specific market needs..

Designed and built by the Competence Center Engineering's SpagoBI, the first Italian company of software and services, is part of the software stack managed by international OW2 Consortium (www.ow2.org) which promotes professional open source solutions suitable for business contexts.

SpagoBI offers many solutions for reporting, multidimensional analysis, simple and interactive dashboards, the geographical analysis, management and visualization of KPI and data mining. It is divided into five modules:

  • • SpagoBI Server: the platform that includes all of the analytical tools, security management and visibility rules, the administration tools;
  • • SpagoBI Studio: an integrated development environment based on Eclipse;
  • • SpagoBI Meta: the environment of the metadata;
  • • SpagoBI SDK: an integration layer for use SpagoBI from external applications;
  • • SpagoBI Applications: that collects all analytical models developed with vertical SpagoBI.

Integrated Functionality

For details of the componentsSpagoBI here

The graphical display of the description of each KPI in real-time.
The structured reports allow you to present information in different forms (list, table, crosstab, charts, ...) and with ability to export multi-format (HTML, PDF, XLS, XML, TXT, CSV, RTF).
OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing)
The multidimensional analysis through OLAP engines that provide a greater degree of freedom and flexibility than structured reports.

KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
Tools to create, manage, view and navigate hierarchical models of KPI evaluated by several possible methods and calculation rules, thresholds and alert policies.
Geographical Engine that allow you to report at run-time business data stored in the data warehouse, with geographic data. The interface standard Web Feature Service (WFS) enables the request and the importation by a client of geographic objects through the web using platform-independent calls.
Real Time Console
Console applicable to real-time monitoring of business contexts, applications or process (BAM).

Automatically create organized collections of reports, accompanied by annotations and additional information produced by users to comment the data. A workflow manages the components of the dossier to be sent to different users to receive their comments.
ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)
Loading data according to the logic or traditional ETL according to the logic of revitalization of the data warehouse.
Inquiry (QbE)
Satisfy all those cases in which the user can define your own query in a completely graphical, run, look at the results, export, save the request for later use or generate a report templates..

Smart Filter
Produce forms of facilitated interrogation where the data domain in question is predetermined, but the user can query without following the metaphor of the query, but the most simple and intuitive filtering.
Office Integration
Publication in the BI of personal documents made with the usual Office tools (MS Office or Open Office).
Data Mining
Advanced data analysis using the techniques of Data Mining, focused on patterns research and information hidden in the data.


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