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Mago.net software is result of the Microarea experience. WithMago.net you can effectively manage all aspects of your business, in particular, you can manage the flow of areas:
  • • Administrative and Accounting
  • • Cycle active and passive
  • • Warehouse
  • • Logistics
  • • Production and planning

SpagoBIis the open source business intelligence solution complete and flexible. Supports the management and operational decision-making processes with innovative solutions such as:
  • • Location Intelligence.
  • • The free inquiry and collaboration.
  • • The KPI management.
  • • The interactive dashboards
  • • The Real-time BI.
  • • The Mobile BI and Big Data.

Movicon™ is the software platform for industrial automation, remote monitoring and building automation.It’s the only Scada / HMI software for any type of application and with any type of hardware. Movicon can be used both touch panels and / or mobile devices based on WinCE in complex and redundant architectures. It supports a wide range of PLC type and field bus for industrial or civil.
  • • Intelligent and Vector Graphics Editor
  • • Tag Database & Connectivity
  • • Tag Database & Connectivity
  • • Data Logging, Analysis and Trends
  • • Reports Designer Integrated
  • • Security
  • • Web Access


Integrate Solution

Healthcare Image Management

Integrated solution for dematerialization of diagnostic images with a reduced environmental impact. Ensures economy in management and production reducing costs in the health unit.
ICT Monitoring Management

Web Based integrated solution for managing and monitoring the performance of the ICT infrastructure by device level, link or individually interface. The information security (SIM) are controlled by the Event & Log analysis and management configuration.
Integrate Business Management

Framework orientato ai processi ed organizzato in moduli funzionali integrati che coprono tutto il ciclo di vita dei processi aziendali. Sulla base degli eventi e risorse il sistema gestisce le pianificazioni e l'analisi delle performance relazionando i processi di business alle norme ISO.

Network Infrastructure

Process-oriented framework organized into integrated functional modules covering the whole life cycle of business processes. On the basis of events and resources the system manages schedules and performance analysis relating business processes to ISO standards.
Unified Communications

Unified communications is the evolution of telephony features, e-mail, conference calls, video conferencing and instant messaging into a single service. Optimize the efficiency of business processes and workflows. Improve team collaboration and reduces costs.
Monitoring and Automatic Control

An integrated system for managing a globally application in industrial, environmental, energy, homeland security and utility able to bring innovative value to the business.


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