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Service & Consulting

  • Network Consulting Engineering
  • Consulting activities related to systems and information security, in design and implementation of network infrastructure and system integrators.

  • Business Process Consulting
  • Business Process Management & Collaborative Management Suite sharing Knowledge Base by decision-making tools for business intelligence.

  • Software Development & Application Management
  • Multi-platform expertise for easy development and maintenance of solutions in the internet, service oriented architectures and real-time.

  • Project Management
  • Coordination and management throughout the life cycle of a project, in accordance with the level of quality required, the deadline, the budget approved, the goals of environmental sustainability and performance. TreeTech operates on the basis of operating procedures developed and coded in years experience, as well as international industry standards (PMI, ITIL)

Digital technology is a key component for the conduct of any business.

By value added advisory services, TreeTech provides all the support you to evaluate, design and install the software and hardware systems on the market.

The team of TreeTech intervene on business processes to improve productivity and make it easy collaboration over long distances.


The growth of communication supported by new technologies and social networks is the basis of the organizational structure proposed by TreeTech.
The coordination within and across the team by innovative methods, promotes work experience and improves thematic expertise and social reality beyond territorial boundaries.


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