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  • Communication Management
    • • Voip communication systems.
    • • Social networks and corporate wiki to facilitate sharing knowledge within the company.
    • • Tools of Unified Communication & Collaboration with multi-device access.
  • Business Management
    • • ERP & CRM Solutions
    • • Quality Management Solutions
    • • BPM Tools to improve the performance of business processes.
  • Automation, Environmental & Energy Management
    • • Information systems and cognitive environment.
    • • Geographic Information Systems.
    • • Automation and control for industry, environment, energy and utilities.
    • • Systems for continuous monitoring of environmental parameters and regulatory reporting.
  • ICT Management
    • • Networking Solutions Management
    • • Solutions application & desktop management
  • Healtcare & LIS Management
    • • Territory Medicine
    • • Private Health
    • • Solutions to support for medical diagnosis

Improve flexibility, adaptability and innovation within the company

The new organizational approach proposed by treetech is Enterprise 2.0. It meets emerging needs such as involvement, collaboration and information sharing for employees and other employees.

TreeTech has selected innovative solutions of the leading players based on the paradigm of Cloud Computing and SaaS, such as to be modular, distributed, shared, reusable, repeatable.


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