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  • Automation for the industry
    • • Mechanical
    • • Automotive
    • • Pharmaceutical
    • • Food
    • • Chemical
    • • Transport

  • Energy & Environment
    • • Wind Power Plants, Biomass, Solar
    • • Treatment Plants
    • • Monitoring & Control

  • Building Automation
    • • Access Control
    • • Video Surveillance
    • • Energy efficiency

  • ICT Enterprise Solution
    • • ICT Infrastructure
    • • GIS Infrastructure
    • • Unified Communications

Have different systems communicating with each other in order to create new functional and synergistic structures to give power to the business.

TreeTech supports companies in the complex task of corporate information management, process control and innovation path, including integration processes.

Why TreeTech as a partner for systems integration?

  • • Partnerships with leading companies in the field of automation technology, telecommunications, environment, territorial systems, building automation and utilities.
  • • Technical expertise, domain expertise and compliance related to the main business sectors.
  • • Availability of reusable resources over time developed over a number of successful projects, improve integration with other systems.
  • • The team's experience in the management of complex IT projects guarantees the right mix of technology and strategic vision for the governance of change and innovation.


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